Vincent Van Gallery
Stock Photography & Digital Media Libraries
By Dr. Elliot McGucken

Welcome to VVGallery. A demo is at Here's our sourceforge site.
Vincent Van Gallery facilitates stock photography shops and digital media libraries. Users can browse thumbnailed and watermarked images, fill a cart with selections, and pay to download high resolution originals in a zipped bundle. Based upon oscommerce (mostly) and gallery (more and more in coming months), vvgallery is written in php and mysql upon a LAMP platform. vvgallery uses GD and NetPBM to provide image manipulation, thumbnailing, and watermarking. RSS, RDF, and the Dublin Core are being integrated to manage basic digital rights associated with media. The Creative Commons licenses will be included as rights options. Please contact Elliot with any questions. We'll be rolling it out piece by piece, and your help at sourceforge would be very much appreciated! Logo

  • 1. Support all types of media. (pdf, mp3, jpg, mov, wav, doc, etc.)
  • 2. Offer syndicated commerce for media collections via RSS/RDF.
  • 3. Offer customers the option of receiving media on a CD ROM.
  • 4. Allow satellite galleries to interact with VVGallery via RSS/RDF and REST, XML-RPC, or SOAP.
  • 5. Offer full integration of the Dublin Core and rights management.
  • 6. Integrate the Creative Commons licenses.
  • 7. Mass importing and exporting of entire media libraries, via RSS/RDF.
  • 8. Offer watermarking and manipulation with exif, GD library, and netPBM.
  • 9. Release VVGallery as modules for oscommerce, gallery, and postnuke.

    Do you have feature requests? Please add them in our forums or in the feature request section of our tracker.

    Development Philosophy
    VVGallery will be developed as modules which ride ontop of fellow open-source applications, such as Oscommerce, Gallery, and other shopping cart sytems and galleries. By doing so, VVGallery can benefit from the ever-augmenting functionality offered by open-source LAMP applications, and too, VVGallery can be useful to the greater LAMP community.
    Please contact Elliot with any questions.

    Creative Commons License
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.